Greedy Tina (Mini Tina)

  • Mini Tina (1)
  • Apprentice Tina (2)
  • Gemsmith Tina (3)
  • Greedy Tina (3)
Protector's Shield
Leader Skill
Protector's Shield
Increases allies' defense by 30%.
Upgrade Attempt
One target
Upgrade Attempt
Uses her upgrade technique on the enemy, which fails (of course) and damages the enemy.
Hah! Hand Slipped!
All targets
Hah! Hand Slipped!
Intentionally smashes a gem into tiny pieces, damaging all enemies.
  • Greedy Tina
    Lv.60 Stats
    Crit Dmg:100%
    Crit Rate:10%
    Crit Res:0%
    Morale Boost
    Morale Boost
    Critical hits have a 100% chance to restore own SP by 50(+5)%.
    Books: +20% damage
    Increases critical hit damage by 40%.
    Books: +35% damage


    "Oh, sorry. My hand must've slipped. You'll have to pay for the materials if you want to try that upgrade again." "Aagghh! How many tries is that?!" "I think I get it in just a few more tries..." "Ugh... You're sure, right?" "Of course! Who do you think I am? I'm Tina!" "Okay, let's try again." "Whoops! Missed that one, too." "Aaaagghghdhghghgh!"

    Greedy Tina (dark) is not normally used as a fusion material

    Greedy Tina (dark) is not normally obtainable from fusion

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