Super Ascension

Astromons can unlock Super Ascension skills once they are fully ascended and fully enhanced. Unlocking super ascension requires Dimensional starstones that are acquired from the Dimensional Rift. Once unlocked, a super ascended skill will be chosen at random. The skill can be rerolled by spending more Dimensional starstones.

Super Ascension Skills

Grants a 30% chance to remove all negative effects from the user and grant them immunity for 1 turn(s).
Grants a 40% chance to weaken the enemy for 1 turn(s). Weakened foes have reduced attack and defense.
Devastating Strikes
Increases critical hit damage by 25% against enemies with lowered defense.
Shared Determination
Grants a 50% chance every 2 turn(s) to restore 25% of all allies' SP when attacking.
Full Buff Breaker
Grants a 35% chance to dispel all enemy enhancements including shields and immunity.
Recovery Seal
Grants a 70% chance to disable the enemy's HP recovery for 2 turn(s).
Combat Prowess
Attacks have a 50% chance every 2 turn(s) to siphon 15% of the enemy's SP.
Fiery Resolve
Grants a 40% chance when getting attacked to increase own attack power by 50% for 1 turn(s).
Unwavering Resolve
Grants a 40% chance when getting attacked to restore 20% of own HP.
Blessing of the Fallen
Grants a 100% chance when falling in battle to restore 50% of allies' HP.
Protection of the Fallen
Grants a buff upon death that reduces damage to all allies for that turn and the next 1 turn(s).
30% chance of granting the user a shield proportional to their max attack power for 1turn(s).