Arboreo (Rowan)

  • Rowan (1)
  • Alder (2)
  • Arboreo (3)
Crisis Aversion
Leader Skill
Decreases enemies' critical hit rate by 10%.
Sylvan Globe
One target
Channels Nature's energy to blast the enemy.
Invigorating Jig
All allies
Performs an encouraging dance that restores all allies' HP.
  • Tank
    Lv.60 Stats
    Crit Dmg:50%
    Crit Rate:10%
    Crit Res:0%
    Grants a 70(+10)% chance to put target to sleep for 1(+1) turn(s). Sleeping foes wake when struck by a critical hit.
    Restores some of allies' SP for 2(+1) turn(s).
    AI will cast whenever able


    "When Arboreo sat down in an open glade to bathes its leaves in the sunlight, it suddenly found itself surrounded by tiny Astromons. Some had even climbed upon its shoulders and were nibbling its branches. But Arboreo fretted not and remained still so as not to injure the little creatures, and after a while, Arboreo extended its arm branches so the Astromons would find it easier to climb. It was peace in motion, and not a scene I will be able to forget for as long as I live. - Excerpt from "Essays on Astromon Society" by Telem the Obscure

    Arboreo (tree) is not normally used as a fusion material

    Arboreo (tree) is not normally obtainable from fusion

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