Silver (Silver)

  • Silver (1)
  • Silver (2)
  • Silver (3)
Firm Resolve
Leader Skill
Increases allies' resistance by 20%.
One target
Picks up a nearby object using his mind and attacks the enemy with it.
Psychic Knife
All targets
Floats into the air and strikes all enemies with a psychokinetic blade.
  • Balanced
    Lv.60 Stats
    Crit Dmg:50%
    Crit Rate:20%
    Crit Res:0%
    SP Siphon
    Attacks siphon 30(+5)% of the enemy's SP. (The amount cannot exceed the enemy's current SP.)
    Damage Reduction
    Reduces damage done to all allies for 2(+1) turn(s).


    Despite having grown up in a world in ruins, Silver is optimistic and has a strong sense of justice. He can be a little headstrong, but he continues to fight to bring peace back to his world.

    Silver (light) is not normally used as a fusion material

    Silver (light) is not normally obtainable from fusion

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