Tails (Tails)

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Grace of Life
Leader Skill
Grace of Life
Increases allies' HP by 30%.
Propeller Attack
One target
Propeller Attack
Flies over to the enemy and strikes them with his tails.
RC Attack
All targets
RC Attack
Uses his remote control to summon the Tornado and attack all enemies.
  • Tails
    Lv.60 Stats
    Crit Dmg:50%
    Crit Rate:10%
    Crit Res:0%
    Defense Down
    Defense Down
    Grants a 80% chance to reduce the enemy's defense for 2 turn(s).
    Books: +25% damage
    Expose Weakness
    Expose Weakness
    Grants a 80(+10)% chance to expose the enemy's weakness for 2 turn(s). Expose Weakness does not stack, and exposed foes take increased damage from the next attack.
    Books: +20% damage


    Tails loves to tinker with machines and build all sorts of contraptions. Although Sonic is always coming to Tails's aid, Tails wants to use his knowledge of mechanics to help Sonic and support him in any way he can on their adventures.

    Tails (tree) is not normally used as a fusion material

    Tails (tree) is not normally obtainable from fusion

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