Game Data Update and Site Update (26 January 2022)

Game Data Update

Patch notes for todays patch are available here.

Things of note include:

  • The new 5* Astromon, Glinda
  • A slight revamp of Apex Battles
  • Single-target active skills deal more damage in PvP
  • Mystic powder obtained from dividing exclusive trinkets has been increased to 60,000, up from 2,000

Site Update

You may now notice some ads on the site. I've been maintaining this site as a free resource to the community for nearly 2 years now, and as its userbase has grown it has begun to cost a non-trivial amount to host.

This isn't a decision I take lightly, and I thank everyone for their support and I'm very happy that people are finding this site of use, however I'm looking to help ease the burden on my wallet going forward.

Feel free, of course, to enable an ad-blocker if they are intrusive to you.

Thanks, Venzael.