Site Update and Game Data Update (30 August 2022)

Site update

  • Improvements to the team builder;
    • Not as laggy when filtering
    • Swap Astromons in the manner as in game
    • Add filters for evo level and base star level
    • Add Offense and Defense as a filter
    • Toggle to show the leader skills of non-leader Astromons
  • Astromon pages for healers now display when the AI will use their active ability

Game Data Update

Today's patch is the 2022 MSL Anniversary update and notes are available here.

Welcome to the newest anniversary Astromon, Traveler Nezz, and the newest 5★ Astromon, Belial!. Not gonna lie, Belial looks so cool, I hope I can get her.

The anniversary update also means that we'll be getting free dark copies of Mini Seira, Mini Tina, Mini Camilla, and Mini Zephyros.

We've also got some balance changes to the Heroes' Festival exclusive Astromons: Bast, Merlin, Onmyoji, Hohenheim, Sanzang, and Balrona.

Until next time,